Debunking The Salehoo Scam

For those who are selling on eBay or running any of the other types of e-commerce, Salehoo will not be a new name.  When you do a search for this term on the internet, you are likely to come up with either the good news or the Salehoo scam.  If you would like to find out more about Salehoo before you make your decision to join it, just read on.

First of all, let us make it clear that Salehoo is NOT a scam. In fact Salehoo is recognized around the world and is one of the most credible and trusted wholesale directories available.

Many people refer to Salehoo as a wholesale dropshipping service, but this is not strictly the case. The major service it offers is a huge database of real manufacturers, real wholesalers, and real dropshippers, and many of them you will not be able to find in the search engine. This is very import as over 90% of the programs which you can easily find on search engines are either middlemen or scammers. They are more marketing or search engine experts than wholesaler suppliers.

Although Salehoo does not directly sell the products from their site, they have them categorized properly. To help its members, the staff at Salehoo even buy and test the products of suppliers they newly introduce. This is critical when you consider buying from some of the high-risk overseas suppliers.

Salehoo’s database currently has over 5000 suppliers and is updated nearly every day. The extra work required to communicate with the suppliers directly rewards you with both lower prices and larger selection of products. And, if you cannot find the product you want in the directory, their forum staff and participants are an excellent resource to help you out. In that unbeatable online community, you will be able to find real drop shippers that are not even in the Salehoo directory!

So, don’t be stopped by the Salehoo scam reviews you may have come across. They are mostly created by misinformed reporters or people who simply try to attract the attention of their readers. If you are doing any sort of e-commerce online, you should do yourself a favour to check it out. In fact, you can simply take a virtual tour around their site to have some real world experience.


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